"Buildings account for 75 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions in New York City, yet many property owners and managers do not know they can be a part of the solution and save money by making their buildings more energy efficient. This benchmarking report will help us understand where we can act most quickly to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve our PlaNYC goals." - Mayor Michael Bloomberg
The Bonded Group -
Performing Energy Compliance Audits
Helping owners meet minimum acceptable energy standards in Buildings
Saving money by going beyond the standards
Installing holistic, whole building sensor/controls in Buildings
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Financing and Incentives
While several funding resources are currently available for audits and retro-commissioning, building owners are strongly recommended to take advantage of existing funds as soon as possible.

Consolidated Edison (Con Edison)
Multi-family Energy Efficiency Program
Multi-family buildings with 5-75 units can qualify for a free energy survey with energy efficiency recommendations. This does NOT provide an ASHRAE Level 2 audit to satisfy LL87 but will be a good starting point.

Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Program
Commercial or industrial properties can be reimbursed by up to 50% of costs, with a cap of $67,000, for an energy-efficiency technical study evaluating energy use and recommending steps to improve energy efficiency.

Consolidated Edison (Con Edison)

Multi-family Energy Efficiency Programs:
For multi-family buildings with 5-75 units that qualify for free energy surveys certain retro-commissioning measures may be incentivized on a case-by-case basis.

Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Program
For commercial or industrial properties that qualify for reimbursement for an energy-efficiency technical study, certain retro-commissioning measures may be incentivized on a case-by-case basis. For more information, call (877) 797-6347, or email conedci@lmbps.com.

NYSERDA offers the Multifamily Performance Program for properties with 5+ units.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) now gives you even greater opportunities to maximize your building's energy efficiency to reduce energy costs. Through the Multifamily Energy Performance Portfolio, NYSERDA provides you with a variety of programs to help your building realize a substantial cost savings, reduce waste, and offer residents a more comfortable, healthy and sustainable environment. Whether you want to start small or go big, we have a program that works for you. And our experienced Multifamily Performance Partners will provide you with hands-on expertise to help to process paperwork and keep projects on track.

NYSERDA's portfolio of energy efficiency programs for multifamily buildings apply to buildings with five or more residential units and four or more floors. Our multifamily programs can fund, implement and measure energy efficiency to improve your building performance-and enhance your bottom line.

Performance pays. Approach your building as a system for big energy savings with our Multifamily Performance Program. For existing buildings, this program can start with either a Benchmarking report that provides a list of simple upgrades to get you started with energy efficiency, or a whole-building assessment. The program then moves on to an Energy Reduction Plan that can help you take advantage of incentives and low-cost financing. For new construction, you can build in energy efficiency features before or during the design phase.
Knowledge is power, and the potential to save. Empower residents to save energy-and money-with advanced submetering through our Advanced Submetering Program.
Multifamily Carbon Emissions Program. This program, which helps multifamily building owners save money by converting from #6 fuel oil to a more efficient fuel, has been closed to new participants. If you are already a participant in this program, find the documents you need on the Multifamily Carbon Emission Program.

Financing for multifamily energy upgrades is more affordable through Green Jobs – Green NY. You can borrow up to $1 million at about half the market rate to pay for the balance of energy efficiency upgrades not covered by NYSERDA's generous cash incentives. Upgrades (including advanced submetering) to existing buildings are eligible for financing through this program. Read more about Green Jobs – Green NY for multifamily buildings.

Existing Facilities Program:
Small, Simple Equipment Changeouts - Up to $60,000. Pre-Qualified Path - "Install Then Apply"

Fixed incentives are available on a dollar-per-unit basis for smaller-scale lighting, HVAC, commercial refrigeration, commercial kitchen, gas equipment and other categories. Measure worksheets help you calculate potential incentives
Maximum incentives of up to $60,000: up to $30,000 for electric, and up to $30,000 for natural gas energy efficiency improvements
No minimum incentive. Submit your application for eligible equipment incentives up to 90 days after project completion.

Large, Custom Improvements - Up to $2 Million. Performance-Based Path "Involve NYSERDA Early"

Custom incentives for larger-scale electric, natural gas, energy storage, demand response and other projects. Be confident about your return on investment through verified savings supported by engineering calculations. Maximum incentives of up to $2,000,000
Minimum incentives of $30,000. Submit your application either before or within 90 days of contracting for the project